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Particles - On the Syntax of Verb-Particle, Triadic and Causative Constructions
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Particles - On the Syntax of Verb-Particle, Triadic and Causative Constructions
Author: Marcel den Dikken
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 1995-03-16
ISBN: 0195091353
Number of pages: 304
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 19 MB
Particles are words that do not change their form through inflection and do not fit easily into the established system of parts of speech. Examples include the negative particle "not," the infinitival particle "to" (as in "to go"), and do and let in "do tell me" and "let's go." Particles investigates the constraints on the distribution and placement of verbal particles. A proper understanding of these constraints yields insight into the structure of various secondary predicative constructions. Starting out from a detailed analysis of complex particle constructions, den Dikken brings forth accounts of triadic constructions and Dative Shift, and the relationship between dative and transitive causative constructions--all of them built on the basic structural template proposed from complex particle constructions. Drawing on data from Norwegian, English, Dutch, German, West Flemish, and other languages, this book will interest a wide audience of students and specialists.


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